"To Me"

Your smile is one of pure Mischief,

A mere glimpse and I’m completely intoxicated

Where does this untainted electricity flow from?

Never Change

Running through my blood, Flooding through my veins      

You untied all the screws within my heart

You melt and You Freeze in every other moment

Never Change

It is like you filled this Crack in my heart with your Love Cement

Your name is all over my lips,

You are on my tongue now

Never Change

Flowing like a stream,

A war going through your eyes

Stealing my heart with your untroubled laugh

Never Change

You are like a flying kite in a clear blue sky,

Happy and carefree in your way

Guide me with your Voice, to be where you are

Change Me




Author: Roshni Jagroep

Roshni Jagroep2 Comments