Rooted Wings



I came from you

I have grown from you

I am nurtured by you

You are the very foundation that molded me into who I am

Whenever I bloomed, I looked back,

If it wasn’t’ for you

My petals would not smell as fresh

My colors would not seem as bright

But like every other flower emanating from your roots…

The time has come for me to fall, however, fall

Without you catching me

The time has come for me to grow, however, grow

Without your composition

The time has come for me to Bloom, however bloom

Without your consent

And I will be impelled to rise,

However, impelled

Without your approval

And you will curse me, but you will also thank me

Because the path I wander on, is the road home.

Where home is the place within.

The place where You will Always remain vested.

"My Roots"



Author: Roshni Jagroep

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