Take All of Me

“Are we one?” My mind reflects…

A lot of people read my articles and say it feels like I am writing precisely their story, I am writing exactly what they feel and experience…

And I think to myself is this a coincidence? Or just another one of life’s lovely tricks to demonstrate to me once again that You, I, and everyone around us. We are all just the same…

One thing I came to learn is that life has no coincidences.

Nothing happens to us.

Everything happens for us.

The reason why a lot of people can relate to the things I write is for one reason only.


It’s because I am merely writing the truth

 I am writing in the moment from my heart what feels true for me.

From a space of connectedness with my feelings about fear, heartbreak, loss, confusion, loneliness, but also about compassion, companionship, bonds, happiness, belief… Love

And isn’t it remarkable how we as people all experience the same feelings at certain points in our life?

We all experience heartbreak, we all experience fear, loss, loneliness.

But we also experience happiness, companionship, belief, empathy, compassion.

See, You and I are not so different at all.

We may not look the same from the outside, but hey appearances don’t last... I also don’t look the same I looked 10 years ago.

 But that what’s hidden Within Me, Within You,

Within all of us… That doesn’t change.

Our Hearth, Our Truth, Our Love…

That’s the same… that is what connects us

That is what makes us One


Take all of me...

Because while giving I cannot help but receive...




Author: Roshni Jagroep