What I can remember very vividly from my childhood is my grandmother always talking to my sister and me about God and how important it is to pray.
I remember she had a small alter hidden in the corner of her bedroom where she prayed many times a day.

One tradition my sister and I truly liked when visiting my grandmother, was that after her prayers she would offer freshly picked flowers, which she let us pick out from her small delicate garden in her front yard.

As little girls, we found it fascinating to watch this old lady being so passionate about something, which for us girls felt rather strange, but at the same time very captivating. 

One time, during one of our many visits, after we once again helped her pick her daily flowers to help her prepare for her prayers.

She decided it was a good moment to sit both of us down on her wooden yet very comfy bed and teach us this daily habit. 

There we were, two little girls who just barely started to speak our own language, listening very carefully to very precise instructions from an old lady giving us a “chant” in one of the most ancient and difficult languages in the world.

Her instructions were very precise to recite this 7 times in the morning and 7 times before we go to bed. 

While we were trying to wrap our tiny brains on what we just experienced, we also felt scared, conditioned with the fear that God would be mad at us if we didn’t.

We obeyed and did exactly this, reciting the mantra 7 times every night before going to bed and every morning when we woke up. 

It was not after years and years after this encounter with my grandmother that I came to fully understand the importance of the day we learned this Mantra. 

Doubting that my grandmother ever really truly knew what this mantra meant, and at the same time feeling that there was not a single need for her to understand the words nor to interpret the meaning.

It was not after many years of research and following the path of life which was laid out for me so precisely that I now recognize that every pronunciation of each word, she must have felt with every fiber of her delicate heart. 

Probably the most powerful mantra I have ever unknowingly recited, with a meaning so profound it unsuspectingly however very intentionally touched the very essence of my soul.  

The meaning of the Mantra in my own words: 

“Let’s reveal that adorable, desirable and enchanting shine. The brilliance of my purest being, my source Energy, the place where we are one.”
“The energy where we come from which inspires us and which is the source of eternal Joy.”

“Let this warm and loving Light inspire and guide my mind and open my heart” 

Beautiful isn’t it? 

All this time spent reading, learning and searching for happiness, not knowing I had the answer all along...

And now I am lucky enough to share it with you.

So are you ready to reveal Your own light?

When you are, I will reveal the Mantra.




Author: Roshni Jagroep