I like Normal

Let’s share a few wonderful remarks I’ve heard a few times this past year:

“I really feel comfortable around you, because I feel like I can be myself” 

“I like your smile, because it’s real” “You are so brave”

“You are  special”

Hearing those words, sure felt nice.  Of course, I know that these are just satisfactory feelings perceived by my ego.

Let’s look a little bit closer…

What do people see in me that in there eyes seems so special? Let’s take a look at my life these past two years in chronological order:

I moved to a different country across the Ocean to finish my practical studies

Moving across the Ocean caused my relationship to collapse.

I traveled a lot (while dealing with heartbreak)

Read tons of books (while dealing with heartbreak)

Started writing (while dealing with heartbreak)

Met tons of People (while dealing with heartbreak)

Finished my Practical exam (Doubting my profession will ever bring me joy)

Quit my Job (Yes I’m actually jobless)

Let’s sum up shall we:

I was in pursuit of a dream to finish my studies, to find out I studied several years to earn a title and a job which actually does not bring me true Joy. While dealing with heartbreak, I poured my shattered heart into writing, which ultimately led me to quit my job.

Leaving me 1. Single & 2. Jobless.

I don’t think these are accomplishments anyone would want to brag about…

After meeting a lot of new people through my job, writing and my blog. I learned that everyone comes with their own set of problems, very much similar to mine!

So am I special?

Absolutely NOT!

I’m normal. I am like you like and you are like me, we feel the same feelings. We all experience heartbreak, fear, loss, loneliness. But we also experience happiness, companionship, belief, empathy, compassion.

The only difference is, that in the last couple of years I learned to see myself for who I am, I learned to accept my fears, my insecurities and I embraced my happiness, my knowledge, my truth. And I became more of who I am and who I was meant to be.

Just myself.

We actually make ourselves special by being someone we are not...And the sad thing is that being yourself, being normal, being truth, being real is something that is so rare in today’s world that it’s considered special.

So am I Special?


Do I want to be?

Absolutely Not

I’m Normal

I like Normal




Author: Roshni Jagroep