Outside is Out

"I want to be happy…"  A phrase I hear a lot of people say when asked what their goals are in life. Everybody including myself, we just want to be happy.

 I remember writing something a few months ago saying that Happiness is just a feeling.

Everyone has been happy... or felt happy. Everyone knows how it feels.

So what’s the problem?

I think it’s that we forgotten how to maintain it.

Let’s try a little experiment:

Can you think of the moments of joy you experienced in the last 24 hours? How many were there?

If you can count the moments, then it’s really not that many. Now let’s go back.

When you were a kid how many moments of happiness did you experience in 24 hours? A lot, right? Someone really had to come by and do something or say something really bad for you to cry and to make you unhappy…

And now?

Now we are actually waiting for someone to come by and make us happy. That’s insane don’t you think? What happened?

Somewhere along the way from childhood to maturity... something clearly went wrong. Somewhere between childhood and maturity, we began to chase happiness.

We started with getting an education, followed by getting a job, getting married, having kids…

We started hunting and chasing happiness... 

Yet after acquiring all of the above, so many of us were still unhappy...We are comfortable, but still unhappy.

So, we continued to hunt, we continued the chase

We get a second marriage, a bigger house, more money... travel to exotic countries, travel some more, post pictures on our social media and get hundreds of likes…

We got even more comfortable… but are we happy?

Let’s stop for a moment and try to look where the stimulus comes from when we “feel” happy.

Does it come from the outside or from the inside? I guess the inside, right? The human feelings we experience are within us... not outside of us.

However, Life outside of us will never happen 100% the way we want it…If happiness depends on what happens outside of us, the chances of us being happy are slim .

When something doesn’t work or go how we want it, we usually point our fingers at someone or something. Which is actually not the direction we should point at…

Have we ever experienced anything outside ourselves? Every feeling we ever experienced, joy, sadness, hate, love. Everything we experience inside of us

So who should determine what happens within us? Should it be something or somebody else? 

Definitely not! Nobody should be able to decide that but you.

When you decide what happens within you, your whole experience of life will be shaped by you.

The events around you may not be determined by you. 

But the experience is

IF you take charge of it.

If you let loose, everybody or anything can decide what happens within you…

But when you take charge, you determine, you decide...

You Sustain.

And happiness will not be something that occasionally happens,

It's something you can make happen







Author: Roshni Jagroep

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