Fear or Love?


When it comes to making important life altering decisions, we find that fear often takes over.

The voices in our head get controlling and loud  and try to lead us away from taking risks and to persuade us into taking the easy way out.

When fear takes over it often leads our minds to wander into negative thoughts. Which often sounds like a lot of different voices having countless discussions in your head.

Most of the time what we do is we get caught up in this crazy chitter chatter of our mind.

We all recognize this and it sounds like “People won’t like you if you say No; What will your family think of you? You will never be successful because you do not have the right education; You’re not smart enough; You’re not pretty enough.

We, therefore, don't often make our choices from the heart, but we make them based on our thoughts.

When the majority of our thoughts are negative, how do we learn to make decisions based on what is good for us rather than what is easiest? How do we avoid making the wrong choices based on fear?

When we base our choices on our deep heartfelt intuition, we most often find that the outcome is helpful for ourselves and our life path.

Our hearts are our greatest and wisest guides.” We simply need to learn to recognize and listen to their quiet wisdom, rather than the misleading blabber of our mind.  When we listen to our heart and follow our intuition, rather than listening to our mind created thoughts, we follow a soul driven knowledge which is unknown to the mind.

You know that feeling we sometimes have when we need to do something important or we need to make a decision, it is an inner gut feeling which tells us to go for it or just do it. Or the opposite, we get an inner warning don’t do it or be careful...

So when we only have two choices, Love or Fear...

How can we choose?


1.      First of all, breathe...

Our breath is the single most effective way of connecting with our bodies. When it all seems too much to handle, when you're stuck between decisions and don’t know the answer, take a moment and breathe… what do you feel? Go deeper within, keep breathing and you may feel a gentle pull towards what's best.

2.      Trust Yourself.

When you don’t know what to do…Do Nothing. When you don’t know what to do, Be Silent… until you do know. Because nobody knows but you… Only you know. Our friends may advise us based on their own expierences and families will try to protect us because they want the best for us. 

Both are wonderful sources of support, but neither have the answers you need to make that decision. If you choose to go against the advice of everyone around you, that's fine; it's your choice, and your heart is leading you on your special journey.

3.      Look for the signs.

Try to pay close attention to subtle signs which are there to guide us. We should observe coincidences and make a note of subtle symbols which might lead us to discover a life choice which is truly best for us.

4.      Smile and let go.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to do what's right that we forget to realize that life is a beautiful journey made up of all our happy and sometimes sad experiences. The choices we make are never wrong — the important thing is that we make choices and if they do not turn out with a positive outcome we simply indentify the lessons and then go in a different direction. This is how we Grow... So, Trust,Smile and enjoy the ride.

5.      Surrender.

 We all have this tremendous hunger for Joy and Happiness. And as a result of this immense hunger, we try to control…However when we are constantly fighting to try to make things happen, we are creating resistance. The Energy which created this World we are living in is complex yet extremely intelligent. And I'm pretty sure that if it can create planets and stars, then it can guide us on the right course.





Author: Roshni Jagroep