Cheers! To a Brand New One!

New year’s day is such an incredible day, a miracle even.

It feels like a miracle because no matter how much I screwed up, every new years it’s like I’m given a brand new year, no jinx on it, no miles on,  it doesn’t smell like cigarettes or smoke, there’s nothing spilled on it. It’s Brand New!

And I think to myself; “I can’t believe I'm getting another one of these, didn’t you see what I did with the last one?” “I made a bunch of mistakes.

And Life Laughs and Whispers:

“Who cares? I’m giving you a Brand New one”

As said by one of my favorite writers Elizabeth Gilbert, I believe that we all have hidden treasures buried inside of us. Now I don’t know what’s hidden within you. You yourself may barely know, although I suspect you’ve caught glimpses. I don’t know your secret talents, your longings your desires and your capabilities, but I surely know that something wonderful is sheltered inside of you.

And in the past year, I also found a little something that was sheltered inside of Me! After numerous years, 2017 became the one year in which I discovered one of my own hidden treasures.

Are you dying to know what that is? Because I lived 31 years to find out…

It's the passionate feeling I get from creating connections…

And I don't mean Superficial, putting on masks, smiling small talk and pretending "everything is just jolly" encounters. I am talking about genuine, heartfelt connection.

And the way I experienced this in its most profound existence is with the connectedness while reading, writing and sharing my writing.

So what does this mean? Really?

I have the house, the job, the title, and what is the thing that lights me up?

Not that...

No, it’s  in the moments I feel connectedness within my heart.

So when people ask me what I want in this new year, I will answer them “Nothing”

Nothing but love and connection.

It matters how I love Me, how I love Others, how I treat Others and most of all how I Give

So here it is!! A whole new year! Right in front of your doorstep!

So come on, On your feet! Rise Rise Rise!

Grace is calling


Author: Roshni Jagroep

References: "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert

* Pictured with my beautiful cousin

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