I Honor You

The warmth of your arms can cure any pain

With the sensitivity of your voice, you radiate a fragrance of serenity

And with the tenderness of your touch, you can liven any soul

You are the very source of affection...

Making me feel ashamed to call your love human

And afraid of God to call it divine

In your Love, you have sacrificed

Sacrificed so we can craft a future, which you could have only dreamed of

Sacrificed so we can speak our minds, without fear of losing our tongue.

Sacrificed so we can taste our desires, which you could not have even dared to conceive

Yet you remained humble


A new day has dawned

A day to honor the dreams you sacrificed for us

A day to rejoice your truth and your Light

A light that Brightened every room you came to stand in

and Enlightened every soul that dared to touch you.

 You are a Woman

- To My grandmother, my mother, my sisters, All  Women!

I honor you




Author: Roshni Jagroep