New Dimension

2500 years ago, a Greek philosopher said:

“Life is like a river, we cannot step into the same river twice. Because water is constantly flowing and like life the river is constantly changing”

During that same time there was another philosopher who claimed the total opposite. He claimed : "change is an illusion and nothing ever changes."

Well, Who’s Right and who’s Wrong?

Like a screen on which an unlimited collection of pictures appear, everything rises and subsides on the screen…. What appears on the screen can be seen as the continuous change we are experiencing. The pictures represent the continuous change in life situations.

The first philosopher referred to the changing pictures which appear on the screen and the second philosopher referred to the screen which is the “constant”.

They were both right

Most people don’t know this, because they are so hypnotised by the pictures which appear on the screen. That everything that appears on the “screen” draws their attention in Completely.

There are things that happen around us all the time, that draw our attention out continuously.

This morning, I woke up at 7 AM, grabbed my phone to turn off the alarm clock and saw a Facebook notification, my attention was drawn in an instant and suddenly I found myself checking my e-mails, WhatsApp. I checked the time again and it was one hour later…

Not only external things draw our attention.

 Even more than all other things, our thoughts draw our attention. We begin to think about work,  what needs to be done and we feel stressed, just by subconsciously identifying with our thoughts we feel anxious, pressured and strained.

And a lot of people, including myself are so easily drawn in. We are enormously hypnotised in such a way that the only thing we know is all of the stuff that appears on the “screen” of our awareness.

We live our lives being hypnotised by everything that constantly draws our attention may it be external objects or internal thoughts, we live a life in which we are not involved whatsoever with who we truly are.

We are so hypnotised that we are not even aware that we have a whole other dimension within us…

Which means we are not at all in control of our own behaviour, but we are controlled by our thoughts and the feelings that come with these thoughts.

And this is how the majority of us live years and years of our lives….

Controlled by our fear by dreading Sad feelings. Controlled by chasing happiness as a result of our addiction to happy feelings. Not even aware that we have another dimension which is the dimension which is our true (forgotten) identity running in the background of our daily lives.

The moment we become aware of this dimension is the moment we gain power and we can start to deal with the foreground of our lives in a much better way. And the foreground of our life becomes an actual playground, in which we can relax, frolic and enjoy ourselves.


“Who looks outside dreams…

Who looks inside Awakens”

- Carl Jung




Author: Roshni Jagroep

*Inspired by "the awakening of concioussness, Eckhart Tolle" "Philosophy of change, by Heraclitus" & "Philosophy of Constant, by Parmenides"